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~ Captain of the 10th Company ~
It all goes downhill from here...
May 17th, 2007 
04:41 pm - Hm...
It seems things have finally quieted down, for the better I might add.
It's about time, I've grown tired of the noise and constant attacks.

Speaking of attacks, someone attempted just that the other day, he turned out to be an acquaintance of Xemnas's, on a mission.
What that mission was, I refuse to elaborate. Anyway, we've become... amiable. Kind of. ....dammit.

Moving on, I have not seen Hanatarou for some time, this gives me a small cause for concern, has something befallen him? I plan to search and see if I can spot him later.

Speaking of befalling things, I seem to have.... caught a small head cold. It hasn't impeded me too badly, but I do notice my condition seems to be worsening.
How terribly ironic, the ice captain has caught a chill. Hinamori would never let me live it down. T_T
I really hope this is just a small cold though, I can't help but think of Kuchiki-taicho's wife and Ukitake-taicho.

.... gah, baka... this is just a small head cold, nothing to get so concerned over.

.... mmph. *hugs himself*

[ooc: And now we see! He is a child at times! :D ]
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