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~ Captain of the 10th Company ~
It all goes downhill from here...
Naze touhou....? ((Why Me)) 
7th-Feb-2007 04:04 pm
This is... so embaressing.
I feel like such a fool... and I almost wish Ukitake-san was here... but this is no time to get caught up in my own self pity.

I suppose the first thing I should do is seek out information, and it's odd but I can't seem to summon a hell butterfly here... am I in the real world? If so that complicates things more then just a bit.
I am however feeling a familiar wave of reiatsu, but I can't place it... maybe I'm not the only Shinigami here...

As for my encounter with... with the man named Xemnas, it has proved some interesting things, mostly along the fact that he appears to be the leader behind these attacks of the black creatures, whatever the case, I won't hesitate to strike down anything that threatens me.
What bothers me however is he said they (meaning there will be more of his kind) appear to function without Hearts.
Perhaps he is similar to a modified soul in the aspect of lacking body parts?
Shimatta I don't want to think about him.

In any case, I must begin moving, I can't linger, they seem to be persistent in following me, these black creatures.

Watashi tezawari furu... ((I feel used))
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