It seems things have finally quieted down, for the better I might add.
It's about time, I've grown tired of the noise and constant attacks.

Speaking of attacks, someone attempted just that the other day, he turned out to be an acquaintance of Xemnas's, on a mission.
What that mission was, I refuse to elaborate. Anyway, we've become... amiable. Kind of. ....dammit.

Moving on, I have not seen Hanatarou for some time, this gives me a small cause for concern, has something befallen him? I plan to search and see if I can spot him later.

Speaking of befalling things, I seem to have.... caught a small head cold. It hasn't impeded me too badly, but I do notice my condition seems to be worsening.
How terribly ironic, the ice captain has caught a chill. Hinamori would never let me live it down. T_T
I really hope this is just a small cold though, I can't help but think of Kuchiki-taicho's wife and Ukitake-taicho.

.... gah, baka... this is just a small head cold, nothing to get so concerned over.

.... mmph. *hugs himself*

[ooc: And now we see! He is a child at times! :D ]

Kuso... ((Shit))

Itai... ((it hurts)) I'm only glad Hanatarou got away because my arm is no longer in any sort of condition to use for swordplay.
That man fights like a demon, or rather a second Zaraki...
A thought I wish I never would have to entertain.
I was very lucky to escape...

It's getting harder to keep the Hollow down, I can't seem to contain it whatsoever when I'm angry... I can only do the best I can, how does Kurosaki manage it?
Whatever the case this is becoming troublesome... I may have to commit sepuku eventually. *shudders*
Another thought I wish I would not have to consider, but my options are growing more limited by the day...
Screw You

Dareka putto ware mai ukime... ((Someone put me out of my misery...))

Well I guess my first few days spent here weren't too bad, all things considered...
But darnit all why does this crap always happen to me?

I also seem to have... contracted something.
Also, I now have a minor dilemna, it seems that while I inhabited shadow form, the result of losing my heart, the shadow has stayed with me.
Xemnas- or rather, Xehanort explained it that the shadows, Heartless as he calls them steal the hearts of others, and if your 'heart' is strong, then your shell remains and splits, forming a Heartless and a Nobody.

My shell remained but if I had to hazard a guess I became neither a Heartless nor a Nobody.
Perhaps this might be explained due to the fact of differing worlds and our auras and spirit strings attatched to them... however the fact still remains.
I can hear it now, clearly. It claws at me, aching for freedom, but it is easily contained.
For now.

I have become a Vizard.

Naze touhou....? ((Why me....?))
I seem to be saying that a great deal lately.

Naze touhou....? ((Why Me))

This is... so embaressing.
I feel like such a fool... and I almost wish Ukitake-san was here... but this is no time to get caught up in my own self pity.

I suppose the first thing I should do is seek out information, and it's odd but I can't seem to summon a hell butterfly here... am I in the real world? If so that complicates things more then just a bit.
I am however feeling a familiar wave of reiatsu, but I can't place it... maybe I'm not the only Shinigami here...

As for my encounter with... with the man named Xemnas, it has proved some interesting things, mostly along the fact that he appears to be the leader behind these attacks of the black creatures, whatever the case, I won't hesitate to strike down anything that threatens me.
What bothers me however is he said they (meaning there will be more of his kind) appear to function without Hearts.
Perhaps he is similar to a modified soul in the aspect of lacking body parts?
Shimatta I don't want to think about him.

In any case, I must begin moving, I can't linger, they seem to be persistent in following me, these black creatures.

Watashi tezawari furu... ((I feel used))
Frozen Heavens


My first day here and I'm attacked not only by strange dark creatures, but a man in a trench coat.

This is turning out to be a memorable day, and not the sort of choice memories.

Shimata... I don't have time to be here, I need to get back to Soul Society and the war with that teme!

.... I hope Matsumoto and Hinamori are alright while I'm gone.
Tenth Captain


Where in the name of Soul Society am I?

What a weird place.
At least there's snow though...